Thinking of upgrading to an A10M

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Thinking of upgrading to an A10M

Post by myfriendjohn » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:52 am

Hey all,

I have an A10 and I am looking to upgrade it to the A10M (dual filament)

I have a quick question that will sway my decision.

I really want to use the 2nd filament as PVA to use as detachable/soluble supports.

Has anyone done this or tried?

The main reason is for printing mini's that can be cleaned easily.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Thinking of upgrading to an A10M

Post by William » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:29 am

Hi,for the printing range of PVA consumables,
you can refer to this:
-Keep your mind and try to test it. :)
-Everything will be fun!-Support all Getech printer.
-You can ask me the questions and I will kindly reply.
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