I reveal my weaknesses... I am incapable and weak.

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I reveal my weaknesses... I am incapable and weak.

Post by richardradford » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:36 am

Parts weren't to spec - had to wait 14 days for replacement to appear.

Finally assembled - yet the software and Windows 10 refuses to talk.

Manually the control panel says it recognises the SD card but wont print from it.

Biggest pile of Chinese crap ever - I want a refund!

My friend lent me his UP printer - worked first time - no chinese crap there

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Re: I reveal my weaknesses... I am incapable and weak.

Post by GAQ » Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:04 am

Hi Richard.

I feel your pain - though I have solved all issues so far with my Geeetech...

Firstly, you say the software and windows 10 won't talk to each other...

The software is not Geeetech chinese software - it's generic and probably runs your friend's UP printer...
( UP printers are made by the Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd. - For location, see name ! )

You don't say how far you got with the software not talking to Windows 10...

Let's start at the beginning.

So you've got the drivers installed ? -

Windows 10 should do this for you when you connect the USB with the power on the printer -
It takes a few moments. Listen for the 'USB connected' sound !
Assuming you have, you now have a USB serial port, probably on COM 3, but maybe COM 'some other number'
Check, because you'll need it...
Your printer will be found in the 'devices and printers' area. It will not have the Geeetech name there, mine came up as " FT232R USB UART " !

Once you know which COM port you're on, Load "Arduino"
This is a program available free online. I'd google it and load the latest version from their site.
(Better than any spurious version you may have)
This program isn't just for 3d printers... It can 'Talk' to many products.
Run Arduino.
There is a 'Tools' Tab at the top.
Look down this list and select the 'Port'
It will ask you to choose the correct port from a list... Probably COM 3 but may be different.

Now, did this software talk to your printer ???

You need to have downloaded a 'Marlin' folder...
This contains your 'Firmware', it IS printer and set-up specific, reading the forums you'll get the correct one.

Whilst running Arduino, you should open the Marlin folder.
Look for the file 'Marlin.ino' and open that...

It will open a whole series of TABS across the top ...
The main one to look for is called 'configuration.h'
Make sure this reads as it should... Check forums for your model and any mods / extra bits like probes etc you may have fitted...

Once you're happy, then hit the upload button...
It will take a while to compile the information and then upload.
It can take a minute or so, and if you look in the bottom left corner, it will tell you where it's at...

Did THIS software talk to your computer ?

Now, you need some printing software...
A nice freebie version would be Cura 4.0
You could go for the Splic3r / Repetier combo that some people prefer...
(Though maybe choose whatever your friend uses... he can help you get going, there's a lot to learn about settings.)

Once again, the printer software will ask you for the COM port to connect to - though it may do this automatically - I think Cura 4.0 did.

Assuming it's all loaded correctly, you'll find that you should be able to control your printer...

And we haven't even mentioned the sd card reader yet ! - Don't actually need it if you don't want to use it.
As for sd cards... Windows formatting can be a pain with cards - some people find their cameras format the card better for the generic reader !
Certainly there are freebie downloadable sd card formatters that can do this for you.

Hope this software-breakdown worked for you...

Naturally, you could go out and buy a built, out of the box working 3d printer - but you'll pay a handsome price for it...

You'll STILL have to learn how to set it up for different materials, and you'll probably be using exactly the same software.

Needless to say, this wonderful working machine will probably have been made in China.

Enjoy !

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Re: I reveal my weaknesses... I am incapable and weak.

Post by manuolito » Thu May 23, 2019 5:07 am

Thank you @GAQ for taking the time to reply. It seems the user that posted this wasn't really aware of the meaning and implications of DIY :D

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Re: I reveal my weaknesses... I am incapable and weak.

Post by _kaktus_ » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:53 pm


I changed the topic to a less vulgar one and to make it better fit the author's person. :lol:

Such users are not needed here :!: :!: :!:
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