Safety concerns!

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Safety concerns!

Post by flat-jack » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:24 pm

made some pictures with my infrared camera while printing! Printed PLA with heated bed set to 60°C. And yes, I did PID-tuning.
What you can see on the pictures is, that the connector for the heated bed on "conntection bridge" gets extremly hot!
About 76,4°C or 169,52°F. My last "conntection bridge" burned down excatly on the same spot! Lucky I never let my printer unsupervised. Ordered a new one - same problems here! This is something "thermal protection" in Marlin cant detect! My heated bed works without issues, but would says this cant be normal!

Anyone have an idea?

Image Image


I decided to bypass the connector for the heated bed on the "conntection bridge". And connect my heated bed directly with the board. For me this makes much more sense, because now the heatdissipation happens mostly over the mosfet and not additionally over the connector on the bridge! And the mosfet gets cooled by the radiator inside the control box!


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