Help with Geeetech i3 pro b Acrylic edition.

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Help with Geeetech i3 pro b Acrylic edition.

Post by driplpent » Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:16 pm

I recently got an acrylic Geeetech i3 pro b, i built it using the instructions and YouTube tutorials, and for the most part it works, however the z-axis constantly provides trouble. I manually adjust the z-axis so that its perfectly level, i use a spirit level to check and i measure the distance from the base to the beginning of the pole for the extruder to move along, i know they're at the same level so shouldn't have issues moving. Sometimes it works, it moves up and down the full length with no issue, i can home it several times then occasionally somewhat randomly it fails, one side moves and the other stepper motor just makes noise and does not move, despite working a few moments prior. I'm really confused as to whats going wrong, does anyone have any suggestions to make sure everything is perfectly inline with one another? could it be the x-axis poles not being perfect? Any help is super appreciated.

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Re: Help with Geeetech i3 pro b Acrylic edition.

Post by Soadyheid » Thu Jan 20, 2022 11:52 pm

If the straight rods or the threaded rods are bent this could cause you problems with binding and stalled stepper motors. Check them and make sure they're as straight as you can make them. You can find videos on how to straighten them on YouTube if I remember. I usually measure from the top of the Z-Axis motor plate(s) to the bottom of the brass threaded bush with the Y-Axis gantry moved up a couple of inches. Adjust each threaded rod individually with power to the steppers off until the measurement's the same at both sides and hopefully you're done. I've lightly smeared the threaded drive rods with a light grease just to help, not too much though as it could attract dust and end up causing more trouble!

My straight rods and threaded rods were not perfect when I got my printer and I had to adjust them, I've also since printed out a Z-Axis wobble solution which I've installed along with replacing the M8 rods with T8 leadscrews.

Hope this is helpful.

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