Request Config Files

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Request Config Files

Post by McgLance » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:20 am

Looking for any and all Config files you guys might have for the A30T, for any and all slicers..
I'd like to play with as many as I can, but dont have configs for them all..
Not to mention the downloads page has it for only for Cura, and a video setup for Repetier Host.. that uses the Cura Slicer.. but when I do that it always slicers from extruder 1 even tho I have extruder 3 selected for a single color print.

Annoying so far..

Also I do own a PrusaMk3s, and I like the initial process it does and the order it does it... the problem I have with the a30t is ooze while it's leveling, it does no purge line...
is there gcode I can add to allow for a purge line to remove the ooze as it can be very difficult to get to once printing is underway..

Thx for any help getting this printer up and running effectively.

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Re: Request Config Files

Post by lion » Thu Aug 13, 2020 5:22 pm

Hi,You can refer to this video for the profile you mentioned. ... pL0zNWG7ne
In response to the ooze situation you mentioned, maybe you can let the A30T auto-leveling and then heat up, which may solve this situation.

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