A20T Strange Temp Issue

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Re: A20T Strange Temp Issue

Post by jackrats » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:08 pm

So I've been playing around a bit and think I have found the source of the M104 S0 commands from Cura.

If I set Printing Temp, Initial Printing Temp, and Final Printing Temp all to the same value, then the code gets littered with M104's setting the hot end to 0. It seems to show up where I believe the Standby Temp gets set.

If I change either Initial or Final temp to a different value, the zero temp sets go away.

The other thing I noticed when trying to do dual color prints earlier was that the hot end would stop and float over the same spot for 2-3 seconds periodically. I've seen elsewhere a comment that this is due to the standby temp that Cura is trying to use -- it sprinkles M109 whenever the extruder changes to wait for it to come up to temp from standby temp. I'm not sure yet on how to deal with that. I could postprocess them out, but it would also remove the first one to wait for the temp before the print starts -- that one I actually want to keep.

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