What is a Synthesis Essay?

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What is a Synthesis Essay?

Post by millerwillie » Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:34 pm

There are many types of essays and this is perhaps one of those essays that come under the slightly complex category. Writing a synthesis essay is not too tough when the requirement of the essay is clearly understood. Synthesis essays are written to serve the purpose of bringing together ideas from different relevant and authentic sources. Such essays usually have a common theme which is discussed and various perspectives are offered on the same theme. The writer also expresses his own perspective in contrast or in accordance with the opinions of others. It is important to note that this is like an analysis of personal opinion with other opinions serving as a means to understand and contemplate the topic of discussion.

Synthesis essays benefit both the reader and the writer. The writer is benefited when he is able to see how is perspective is being understood by others. It offers different perspectives of those in favor of his ideas and those who even oppose it. According to homework helper this in a way helps the writer to empathize with the conscience of his readers. For example an author when he reads other people’s reviews of his book, it gives him a whole new angle at his work which would help him to serve the interests of his readers better. Therefore the reader of the synthesis essay is left with a kaleidoscopic view of a particular issue.

How should synthesis essay be written?

The writer should adopt a systematic style of writing particularly for this type of essay. It is important to maintain a logical sequence as that of any essay format in order to avoid confusion of any sort. The introductory paragraphs should just state the issue that is being discussed. The subsequent paragraphs are where all the perspectives are discussed. The writer should be able to relate to the information provided by the sources and should also be able to present to the readers precisely, the places at which he differs from the other writers. He should be cautious so as not to get carried away expressing his views alone.

The other important aspect is to state the sources and also site the reference wherever they are stated. However plagiarism should be avoided by providing the references to all the borrowed sources. Sometimes the sources will require interpretation, at such cases the writer is obliged to put the idea in a simpler and comprehensive manner that the reader to could follow.

The writer should have an analytical order of writing. For example, he has to state the opinions that correlate to his idea first and only then the contradictory opinions should be expressed. According to programming homework help the reader should not have the impression that he is in the middle of a war of words and ideas. The sources should also be stated then and there. The conclusion paragraph of the synthesis essay should briefly summarize the points expressed in the previous paragraphs. The writer can also use this to emphasize his opinion again, though this is not the ideal use of this essay.

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Re: What is a Synthesis Essay?

Post by robertcoelho001 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 6:58 pm

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