3D Touch not working correctly

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3D Touch not working correctly

Post by Pandu » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:02 pm

Hey. I recently bough a geeetech with 3d autoleveling sensor. Everything has been changed correctly in marlin and the configuration.
Always I try to make the auto bed leveling thing the nozzle and sensor moves down but when the touch sensor touches the bed it wont stop. It looks like the sensor would be to high but it already touches it when the nozzle touches it so it actually should recognize it though.

Please help!

A video:

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Re: 3D Touch not working correctly

Post by PaleWriter » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:38 am

I have been fighting with my 3D Touch too - for WEEKS now - currently on my second one because apparently the 1st was faulty. But from your video it looks to me like your guess that it's mounted too high is correct! Yes, the extended probe touches before the nozzle hits, but it's not mounted low enough to hit the trigger point in the movement of the probe. You might check it by placing a small object on the bed under the probe but NOT under the nozzle - something solid - perhaps a stack of four or five coins?

The spec's say the bottom of the plastic housing of the 3D Touch should be 8.3mm above the level of the nozzle. This is easy for me to check with my 6" vernier caliper by running the extruder up high enough to fit the caliper between the bed and the nozzle, measuring with the probe of the caliper. In a pinch, you might get pretty close by using coins again - if you can contrive a coin stack near 8.3 mm. To the body, now - NOT to the probe tip!

The probe should extend 11 mm below that plastic body surface that you're measuring to (only 6.7 mm when it's retracted). So the probe tip should be safely stowed out of the way, about 1.6 mm above the nozzle and any printed material when it's printing.

On mine, when set as close to that 8.3 mm that's specified - it sets the nozzle a little bit high, which I have to adjust the Z offset to dial it in.

Your 3DT does its self-test OK, right?

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