Newbie with i3 Pro X - Manual Control?

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Newbie with i3 Pro X - Manual Control?

Post by wzsims » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:41 am

Hello Geeetech World,

Over the winter, I successfully (I think) assembled my I3 X Pro. After years of doing hardware repair on apple laptops, that part was fairly easy for me. After attempting to jump into printing, I was stumped by the software side of things, never got a single print off, and am just getting the courage up to try it again.

If any of you have encountered this or know of a solution, I would be very grateful.

Working on Macbook Pro running IOS X

I have installed the FTDI-USB Driver as per instructions on v ... d_software

I read several forums and found some information about Merlin and Arduino IDE. I ended up using the Merlin Firmware and I think that was installed correctly but it was several months ago, the printer is not working, and I cannot figure out why or where to start troubleshooting.

I have also installed the Repetier Host for Mac following same Wiki instructions.

I cannot be 100% confident that the drivers are working.
I cannot be 100% confident that I was sent a working GT 2560 Board.

In any case, after following the Print Settings instructions I have selected USB Serial A7000 gIUn and hit Connect on the Repeteir Host. The connection button turns Green but from there, nothing seems to work.

There simply is not a Manual Control option visible to me. Manual control option is pictured on the Wiki Walk Through. I cannot gain access to Manuel Control to even begin to test print or calibrate my printer. I don't even know if my belts are tensioned correctly because I cannot control the printer at all.

If anyone could shed some light on whats happening or where to start that would be just wonderful.
I am totally open to face timing or sending picture or videos if you need more information.
Thank you in advance,

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