incomplete print

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incomplete print

Post by Kimbleos » Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:44 am

On a 7+ hour print job, the printer just stops anywhere from 4 hours to 6.5 hours into the print. It just stops, stays where it is in the print, depositing a glob of material, then starts up again sometime later. The gcode keeps sending so when the print resumes the nozzel either knocks over the print when it hits the glob, or rises above and starts a rats nest of extruded filament depending on how long the printer has been idle. This happens with both an SD driven print and a computer driven print. This has happened with different files recreating the print job. The files work fine on another printer. I set up an external fan which blows over the control board in case it was getting too hot, but that did not solve the problem. I am using ABS filament, bed temperature of 78 and hot-end temp of 242.

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Re: incomplete print

Post by William » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:10 am

Looks like the firmware has some problems.
Is it the latest version?
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Re: incomplete print

Post by Kimbleos » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:12 am

I installed the latest firmware which initially made the problem worse, so I re-installed it. The printer ran very smoothly and I thought the problem had been taken care of until about 6.4 hours into the print, when it stalled in one place long enough to leave a glob and then started up again and when it hit the now hardened glob, it broke the print loose and continued building a rats nest of filament where the object used to be. The stall happens when the print is above a point 5 inches or so above the platform. Please, if someone has something else for me to try, I would really appreciate the input.

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Re: incomplete print

Post by Lami René » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:31 am

Hello Kimbleos,
Bonjour Kimbleos,

You will find the original text translated into English following this original French text.

Vous trouverez le texte original traduit en anglais à la suite du présent texte original en français.

Quel est le modèle exact de votre imprimante, et ses options et ses modifications ?

Est-ce que votre problème est réglé ?

Si oui, comment avez-vous réglé le problème ?

Est-ce qu’aujourd'hui vous réussissez de belles impressions avec votre imprimante ?


L'ami René
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Hello Kimbleos,

Excuse me, I am unilingual francophone and I use Google translator to translate the texts of the forum in French and to write to you in English. Thank you for your understanding and your indulgence for these texts translated mechanically!

What is the exact model of your printer, and its options and modifications?

Is your problem resolved?

If so, how did you solve the problem?

Do you have good impressions with your printer today?


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