Using PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 to slice

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Using PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 to slice

Post by Soadyheid » Tue May 19, 2020 3:40 am

PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 is Josef Prusa's latest software fork of the original Slic3r used for slicing .stl files and creating the G_Code files needed by the printer. It's obviously been developed for Prusa's own printers as can be seen by the printer selections given while using the set up wizard, but can also be used for other non-Prusa manufactured printers. I've been using my Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B printer since 2017 with Slic3r (Latterly the Slic3r_1.38.5_Prusa3D version.) I'm checking out his PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 version, which is still Open Source, licensed under the GNU Afferto General Public License version 3 and as such free to download and use. It's obtainable here:

Some of the better features are the graphic ability to resize, move and rotate the model to be sliced plus the ability to include your own support (Enforcer) or block unwanted support generated by the slicer (Blocker). You can also include multiple extruder sections (Though I've not been able to check any of this having only one extruder!) Overall dimensions of the print are displayed plus the estimated print time which I could only find out in Repetier-Host previously, or once the G-Code file had been loaded in the printer.

Now for the interesting part...

My initial test print failed miserably because the Z_Axis motor stalled (squealing noise) at the start of the print and wouldn't index properly. After investigation this was found to be due to the generated header on the print G-Code file. It was solved as follows:

In Print settings, EXPERT mode, change the firmware flavour to "RepRap/Sprinter" rather than "Marlin."
Using Marlin (as installed on the Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B) after slicing will include the G Code preamble :
; first layer extrusion width = 0.32mm

M201 X9000 Y9000 Z400 E10000 ; sets maximum accelerations, mm/sec^2
M203 X500 Y500 Z10 E120 ; sets maximum feedrates, mm/sec
M204 P1500 R1500 T1500 ; sets acceleration (P, T) and retract acceleration (R), mm/sec^2
M205 X10.00 Y10.00 Z0.20 E2.50 ; sets the jerk limits, mm/sec
M205 S0 T0 ; sets the minimum extruding and travel feed rate, mm/sec

This over rides the printer's firmware acceleration settings and causes the Z_Axis motors to stall, giving a squealing noise but not indexing properly.

Slicing with "RepRap/Sprinter" firmware selected omits the M201 to M205 commands and the prints should be fine.

All in All I'm pretty impressed and will continue using this for the moment with some of the configuration parameters copied over from my previous Slic3r version.

Check out the YouTube video here: and have fun!

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Re: Using PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 to slice

Post by Kasey00 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:11 pm

Slic3r is a very power tool and may be intimidating. But I would recommend vidmate learning the effect of all important settings, because there is no perfect configuration, you'll have to tweak it constantly. It is also very filament dependent.
You have all the resources online to help you with that.

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