Problem with y axis

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Problem with y axis

Post by Daryl » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:35 am

Hello everyone,,
i'm new in 3d print world cause i bought my first 3d printer some days ago. I assembly the printer without any problems but when i connect it to pc i've got a problem: I open Repetier-Host Geeetech and if i try to move manually the extruder, i dont have problem in X and Z axis but i have problem in Y axis in fact:
-if i push "home" button the motor round forward only one or two step then it stop.
-if i try to move the plate forward it will go without any problems but if i try to move back, it don't move.
-if i force back the plate, and than i try to move it forward or back with the pc program, it will work. but when the plate go over the middle of smooth rod, these problems start again.
The motor connection is ok, i checked it. I think it's not a block or problem of the pulley/belt because the motor don't try to move, simply it will not receives the command.

Thank you very much,
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Re: Problem with y axis

Post by _kaktus_ » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:45 am


You've set up a new topic in the wrong forum section.
Tell me what your printer model is and I will move it.

Because of your problem. Try removing the V-belt from the pulley. So that the engine can run without load.

Run the tests again. Inform us of your observations. ;)
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