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z axis problems with prusa i3 pro 3in1

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:22 am
by johnathan9986
hi everyone
i just finished setting up the kit, had a couple of issues with firmware but it all worked out after some work
now im having a machnical problem with the z motors
the right motor seems to work fine.
the left one is jittering and goes about 2 mm to the right and then back to the left or just stopes moving and makes a humming noise.
i tried running the motors without connecting the rods and it still wont change

any ideas?

btw i did not change anything on the firmware regarding the motors, and i have no expirance working with firmware, electriciry or motors such as this.
would love some advice, or a manual to get me through this rough times

Re: z axis problems with prusa i3 pro 3in1

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:00 pm
by Mark
I think this might be the voltage not proper, you can check it as this link shows: ... 17&t=17038