A30M and 3D Touch

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Re: A30M and 3D Touch

Post by mariusvr » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:55 pm

Agreed that documentation is lacking. However now I have got it working it is AMAZING.

I manually aligned the nozzle to the plate with the manual align options. Then used the small included spanner to align the touch3d with a small gap compared to the nozzle.

Then go to automatic alignment. Change the sensor type to 3d touch BEFORE you enable it (otherwise that button is locked). Then click the align button and align the normal way with a small piece of paper. Then click save and it is calibrated.

Then in your code after G28 add:
G29 T

to automatically run the alignment before printing, Just also figured out that the cura software once you download the A30M profile (which is posted under the A10M forum). print quality is soo much improved. Very happy with the printer after having to struggle without much instructions.

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