A20T - suggestion to a better hotend

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A20T - suggestion to a better hotend

Post by alfvv12 » Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:10 pm


the hotends of the M series (2 colors) and T series (3 colors) are not really good an often clocking and blocking filaments...

the reason is the change of filament flox of 90 degrees twice in the heatblock until the filament is coming out to the nozzle.

for A20M the solution could be the A30M Y-hotend kit (attention: the electronic is to fit to the printer).

for A20T (T-series) its a problem. this hotends are not practicable and boring nearly all of the users.

so my suggestion:

please make a better hotend and avoid the change of the flow twice 90 %, similarly the Y-hotend.

here my suggestion for a new hotend. the cooling blocks etc. can be used from the normal A10 printer.
ONLY heatblock and case are to be designed new.

Unbenannt.PNG (64.95 KiB) Viewed 391 times
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