new A10T 3D Touch install

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new A10T 3D Touch install

Post by photo41 » Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:02 am

I have a new A10T and I encounter difficulties to install the 3D touch module.
I have a windows 10 home edition 64 bits.
When printing I have some problems with the temperature, I presume and maybe with the levelling. Therefore automatic levelling before every print sounds like a really good idea.
After 3 days I have received the message with the youtube video such as it follows. I already have tried to do that, unfortunately, there is not enough as I can't connect the USB cable to the computer and in the device manager appears when connected with a yellow triangle and exclamation sign the port where it is connected.

I got you a video which can show you how to do that, please check the link:
You can find the firmware on our website:


I wish there was an application that recognizes the printer and does the connection accordingly, then it can update the firmware (because I don't know what kind of mainboard is in the printer so I can't choose the correct one)

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