Recommendations and questions - Beginner in 3D printing

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Recommendations and questions - Beginner in 3D printing

Post by DevilBlackDeath » Mon Jan 17, 2022 11:07 pm

Hi everyone,
So I recently got for christmas the A20T (I know this is the A20M forum but the A20T looks kind of dead and since both are nearly identical printers, their only difference being one less "input" in the extruder and one less feeder in the A20M, so not a lot of difference I think, rectify me if I'm wrong) I figured I might as well ask here.

The main reason I'm asking for help is because I have a TON of stringing and now matter how many settings I touch I can't seem to get rid of it. Since a lot of people seem to be able to get good and consistent results with both the A20M and A20T, I figured I might be doing something wrong.

First of all I'd like to ask, do I need filament in all feeders even if my mix is 100% on one of the feeders ? I know air and moisture are not very good things for an extruder so I thought this stringing issue might come from having no filament in extruders 2 and 3.

Second of all, for people who manage to get consistent results, do you use the default A20M/T Cura profile ? Are these settings really ideal (aside from obviously a ew retraction tweaks that might be needed when switching filament).

Finally, I use the black EONO PLA filament. Has anyone had any experience with these on any of the A series printer ? Do they give good results ? Did you have to tweak anything in your default Cura profile for it to give better results.

Last of all, do I need to consider anything else for my stringing issues when it comes to this printer ? Maybe change slicer, one giving better output for this printer, or just about anything else ?

Thanks a lot in advance and have a good day :)

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