Geeetech a20m problems

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Geeetech a20m problems

Post by escoutdril54 » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:58 pm


2 months or so ago I purchased a geeetech a20m with a bltouch sensor and I built the printer and installed the sensor. After I got it all assembled correctly I couldn't get the printer to work. I correctly installed to sensor and correctly flashed the firmware of my printer to enable the sensor. When I started my first print the printing head would just jam into the buildplate and won't stop doing that so I guessed there would be something wrong with the offset, I tried to fix that and I got it to stop only going down and putting A LOT of pressure onto the head into the buildplate. but now if I start a print the printer tries to level itself with the sensor and just keeps going up and up and never reach the buildplate. I HAVE NOT GOT THIS PRINTER TO WORK IN OVER 2 MONTHS and I couldn't get a refund, what am I supposed to do? Could anyone please suggest a fix? Even if I remove the sensor could I downgrade again and get the correct offset? Or is there something else wrong with this machine?

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Re: Geeetech a20m problems

Post by ianac2000 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:22 am

I have just installed the BL touch on my A20M

Did you follow the instructions in the youtube video for steps to set the sensor after install, including moving the sensor bracket so the pin extended is below the nozzle and the pin retracted is above the nozzle? You should be able to check this by extending and retracting the pin through the LCD menu.

The sensor and the printer seem to work pretty well after following the instructions.

you need to auto home it, then configure the offset accurately. I slipped multiple sheets of paper between the nozzle and the bed to get the exact height of the nozzle above the bed and then measured the thickness of the paper with a vernier caliper to get he exact level. I then reduced the value by 0.2mm and entered that as the negative offset. Had to fine tune it a couple of times with the levelling paper but then it worked.

After you have set it up, then level the bed.

Hope this helps

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