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A20M Printer issue

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 5:30 am
by RDaniels
Good evening all,

I have just acquired an A20M Printer. I currently have a MakerBot printer so I am ok with the software side of things.
Anyway, I was trying to instal a fan and now for some reason the printer when I turn the power on, The power supply powers up. a red light on the board comes on, But nothing else powers up.

When I disconnect the power and manually move the arms. The energy generated, Powers up the LCD, Fan under the motherboard etc.
I believe that I have blown the 10amp fuse on the motherboard. (There were some charing around there. So I will be replacing that asap.)

The main reason I posted is that when my printer was working, I noticed that the pneumatic plugs on top of my extruders are missing. (The section where you feed your filament into the extruder) I was wondering if anyone knows what is the size that I need, as the ones that I have spare for my other printer are either too small or too large diameters.

Thank you all in advance.


Rob :)

Re: A20M Printer issue

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 2:36 am
by RDaniels
Hey folks,

Just an update. It turns out that it was just a fuse that I blew. So that is a good start.
As for the hot-end. I still haven't found what size pneumatic screw plug I need I have drawn a circle on the attached image to help.
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Kind regards

Rob D