new A20M couple of problems

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Re: new A20M couple of problems

Post by sunret » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:30 am

Hi Jarda

I used the second thingverse version that you suggested above (by KayIOA). I used the one labeled Geeetech_lever_FDM. I tried the one labeled "..._smallerTolerances", too; but I had less luck with that one.

I printed in PLA (.4mm nozzle, .2mm layer height). If I was printing another one, I'd try PETG, which KayIOA seems to recommend. But I always find PETG is more flexible, and I'm not sure that's a good thing in this case. Also, I get a lot of warping with it, and that also seems problematic when dimensional accuracy is so critical.

Initially I made a mistake in the disassembly; there are a few metal collets that you might or might not want to remove, but eventually I realized the unmodified Geeetech_lever_FDM.stl from KayIOA was what I wanted -- if I handled those fussy little metal collets correctly. I also had to do a little scraping to free up the "opposing wheel" or whatever it's called that presses the filament into the toothed gear. I had a few prints that caused that wheel to stick and wouldn't work at all, but the last one I did was marginal, and with a little scraping out, it worked just fine.

I also had to be careful how much to tighten down the cover -- tightening down all the way will lock up the extruder. So my printed lever is clearly marginal, from a technical point of view.

But I also think that a part shipped in the product cracks in the first 30 days from normal use, Geeetech should replace it (the part, not the whole printer in this case) -- and from my PMs with William, that's what I fully expect will happen. Without arguing over Geeetech's decision to ship the current plastic version of the extruder; I'd also like to be able to buy an all metal extruder kit; much like Creality sells for their Ender 3 (and other printers). That one is about $12 on Amazon, so, why not give a similar option for the A20M? And, of course, there's what I think you called "Geeetech's zero cost option" to add STL and/or gtech files so we can print our own as needed without the kind of search and hack that we've run into.

But at least my printer is working for now; thanks for your recommendations.

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Re: new A20M couple of problems

Post by Jarda3d » Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:49 am

But Geeetech all metal feeder is not geared "titan" extruder, but MK8 only... Geared Titan have much better finish of walls than "direct drive" feeders of course.

But CR offer for $12 dual drive feeder which is not geared, but seems good - probably with bigger current it will work good. Have it ordered from ali aso service part to the future when titan will be totally destroyed.
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