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  • Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model B+ (transparent)
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Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model B+ (transparent)


Shipping Weight:200g

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Are you still in search of the right enclosure for your precious Raspberry Pi Model B+? There you are, this case is tailored exclusively for Raspberry Pi Model B+. This witty designed plastic enclosure is made of clear acrylic plate, which is green and environmental protection. The transparent shell gives you an overarching perspective of the Model B+.

The case has 10 slots reserved to access the GPIO header, USB ports, Ethernet, micro SD card, HMDI, 3.5mm jack, and CSI connectors as well as rubber feet and vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling and Pi Camera module mounting holes.

The collapsible enclosure is composed of 6 sheets of 3mm, sturdy and durable; the shell can be inset by latch structure fixed on each other. Do be careful during assembling and disassembling.

Plus, there is a sheet of membrane on each shell, rip them off before assembling.

Dimensions: 93.4mm x 63.7mm x 31.5mm

Weight: 68g

Material: Acrylic

Note: This case does NOT include a Raspberry Pi Model B+.


Package list:

1X Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Model B+ (transparent)

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