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  • DVK521 Kit for Cubieboard1&2
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DVK521 Kit for Cubieboard1&2


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DVK521 is an expansion board designed for Cubieboard, integrates various components and interfaces for connecting external accessory boards. It’s ideal for Cubieboard evaluation and development. It suports LCD, ov7670 OV7670 Camera Module, SP IModule,  VGA display Module, RTC Module etc. It is the optimal choice for you to DIY.


Package list

1.  1 x 4-pin 2-pin wires pack 

2.  1 x USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable   

3.  1 x Ethernet Cable 

4.  1 x 40-pin FFC                               

5.  1 x 4-pin FFC                                   

6.  1 x inch LCD screws pack

7.  1 x DVK521                               

8.  1 x 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD   

9.  1 x OV7670 Camera Board      

10.  1 x VGA PS2 Board                  

11.  1 x AT45DBXX DataFlash Board    

12.  1 x FM24CLXX FRAM Board     

13.  1 x 8 Push Buttons                    

14.  1 x DS18B20



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