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  • Digital Vibration Sensor module Shield
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Digital Vibration Sensor module Shield


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* Digital input module

* Digital Plug and Play sensor blocks

* Can sense the weak vibration signals

* Can be realized with the shock interaction with relevant works

* Open circuit resistance: 10Mohm

* Switch life: up to 10 million seconds



Product Performance:

* The conductive pin will make an instant turn-on (ON) state when touched by the outside force to achieve the proper vibration force, or an appropriate speed from the (partial) energy.

* No direction, any angle may burst.
* The switch is suitable for small-current circuit (secondary circuit) or (IC) of the trigger.
* At room temperature and normal use, the switch service life is up to 10 million times (times/1sec).



Packing Included :

* 1 x Arduino Digital Vibration Sensor module

* 1 X Free 3pin cable is included



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