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  • DHT11 Temperature and R Humidity breakout
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DHT11 Temperature and R Humidity breakout


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This sensor module utilizes DHT11 as the sensitive component and has a bypass capacitor and a pull-up resistor on-board. The DHT11 is a pre-calibrated digital output temperature and humidity sensor. The single-wire wiring scheme makes it easy to be integrated to other applications. The simple communication protocol greatly reduces the programming effort required.




  • Digital output
  • Single-wire communication
  • Laboratory pre-calibrated
  • Stable and long-term accuracy
  • 3-pin interlock connector
  • Low cost and compact size




More details related to DH11 sensor module please visit our Wiki .

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  • Ignas Gramba | 03/08/2014

    Helo, I have this exact breakout module, but can't find any tutorials how to connect to Arduino UNO. All tutorials are with only plain DHT-11 sensor. Maybe You can add some links with examples to Your product descriptions ? That would be very useful and attractive to future customers.

  • Robert Rackerby | 06/09/2013

    only reads even degrees C no decimal value (+-1C) from 00C-50C. relative humidity is from 30 to 90RH in even percentages (+-1RH). you need the DHT22 to get better resolution. coding was a bit of a pain on arduino but it works. I have a good code base. you get 5 bytes back qbcde. byte a.b is RH bytes c.d is TEMP bytes and byte e is checksum byte. Byte b and d are always 00000000. otherwise it works ok . whine if you want arduino code to use it. and i\'ll post it. also the read back process is slower than i\'m use to seeing but you might not care. if you get them on sale, go for it otherwise wait for a sale or get the DHT22

    • SEAN LIU | 07/19/2013 | GET Staff

      dear friend?thank you for your suggest?we will produce dht22 module 2-3weeks?can you send me your code so that we can finish the test ASAP.our email address support@geeetech.com