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  • Budaschnozzle 2.0 PTFE Tube for 1.75/3mm Filament
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Budaschnozzle 2.0 PTFE Tube for 1.75/3mm Filament


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With good resistance to acid and alkali, high lubricity, anti adherence and ageing resistance, PTFE tube is widely used in various environments, such as 3D printing and molding manufacture. It can work continuously at the temperature of -180°C~260°C.

With such an interchangeable PTFE tube, your Budaschnozzle 2.0 can print 1.75mm filament.  Although the Budaschnozzle 2.0 is by default set to print 3mm filament currently, by replacing the inner PTFE tube, you can now print 1.75mm plastic filament.



This part is compatible with the Budaschnozzle 2.0. This part is not compatible with any of the 1.x Budaschnozzle versions



Package list:

1 x   PTFE Tube ( 1.75 or 3mm as you choose) 


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  • Scott Rockwell | 07/10/2015

    I bought this based on your compatibility statement "Budaschnozzel 2.0" but I was surprized to find the your tube is only 22mm long which is shorter than the 2.0 requires 29mm. Do you have mixed stock and mistakenly sent the 1.x compatible tube? I was trying to buy PTFE TUBE FOR 1.75MM FILAMENT, 6.35MM OD X 2.0 MM ID X 29 MM LONG.

    • rita xiang | 07/15/2015

      hello Scott, it is a mistake, the 22mm is for J-head. but, after i consult our engineer,the Budaschnozzel 2.0 is 27.5mm and Budaschnozzel 1.0 is 29mm, and we only have 27.5mm in stock, do you need that?

      • Scott Rockwell | 07/19/2015

        I ave been checking on the proper length for the 2.0. It should be 27.5-28.0mm. This is what I need.

      • Scott Rockwell | 08/11/2015

        I received my replacement in the mail. Right length, right Diameter. Thanks you for your help in correcting the error.

  • Paul Estep | 04/04/2014

    You have the weight set to 200g, Can you please fix this.

    • Chan Channa | 04/08/2014 | GET Staff

      Hi here, sorry for mistake and have already changed it to 15g.