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  • Bluetooth Low Energy Shield for iduino/arduino
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Bluetooth Low Energy Shield for iduino/arduino


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BLE Shield stands (Bluetooth Low Energy Shield). It is designed to work with Arduino/iduino boards, including Arduino/iduino Uno, Mega and Leonardo. It allows you to connect your Arduino board with other BLE device. With our current implementation, the Shield supports connection between Arduino to an iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd generation.  For more usage information please read wiki page page.



Fully qualified Bluetooth® v4.0 low energy Connectivity IC with integrated Radio, Link Layer, and Host stack

Cost-optimized solution for Peripheral (Slave) role operation

Best-in-class power consumption enabling months to years of battery lifetime when running from standard CR2032 coin cells

On-chip DC/DC regulator enabling up to 20% peak current reduction for 3V cells

Fully integrated, low tolerance 32kHz RC oscillator eliminating the need for external 32kHz crystals

Simple serial interface (ACI) supporting a range of different external application microcontrollers



Requires iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display (4th gen), iPad (3rd gen) or iPod touch (5th gen).



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  • Jorge velez | 11/08/2013

    cannot get it to connect. do you have a trouble shooting guide. im trying with iphone 4s