Why My Grandma Loves My Geeetech 3D Printer

I bought a Geeetech 3D printer the other day, downloaded free open-source designs for adaptive aids and printed out some plastic gadgets.I want to give my grandma a little surprise when she comes to visit me.

Geeetech A10 3D printer

My grandmother is suffering from arthritis which makes it painful for the joints to move.Owing to this physical ailment,her daily life is very inconvenient.As an example, she found routine tasks like opening jars and even holding a toothbrush to be troublesome and painful.I hope to improve her quality of life through these plastic gadgets.

When grandma first saw these gadgets,she feeled elated andtold me this is one of the best gifts for her.It is known to all that adaptive aids in the shop are vastly more expensive than the standard gadgets and that is why she got so excited.Finally I decided to show her how the gadgets were printed by the Geeetech 3D printer.However,She complained that printer costed too much.So I made a careful calculation with her-a typical adaptive aid costs about $25,and we use a 3D printer to print gadgets for $1 each.We save money by printing more, and there are a lot of possibilities.She wholeheartedly endorse my remarks.

Here are some of the gadgets I gave her:

Easy to hold the toothbrush. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND
Easy to remove gas cap. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND
Easy to open locks, even with very small keys. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND
Easy to Cut the vegetables. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND
Easy to use scissors. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND
I printed a 3D printed pen holder for her as she used to keep a diary. J.M. Pearce, CC BY-ND

I’m pretty sure there will be more 3D printing applications in the future.Why not get one for a try?