Upgrade your ride with LEDs and 3D printing

    Popular Electronics shop Adafruit loves to create innovative projects using 3D printing. This week Adafruit shows NeoPixel LEDs that lets you upgrade your long board for a very bright and safe summer night ride.     In this project Adafruit’s Noe Ruiz has used the Trinket micro-controller to […]

Interesting toys making by Arduino(1)

As the word open hardware becoming more and more popular, various development platforms come to our view naturally. But to be honest, the primary open hardware is just a circuit board without shell, which is so boring to most of people. Fortunately, up till now there are so many projects […]

3D Printed DNA-based Faces

  “Heather Dewey-Hagborg, a doctoral student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has created 3D software that produces images of people’s faces from DNA samples. Then she takes it a step further and uses a 3D printer to create a sculpture of what that person probably looks like.”. It’s so amazing. Want […]

How to use your coupons and make your purchase?

Share/Like/Comment/Follow to Win Coupons $30! Congratulations to Goyo Estevez, Eneko Montero(from Twitter) and Juan Robles de Toro (from Facebook), who won yesterday’s prize($30 coupon). Hey,Juan Robles de Toro! Would you please kindly contact campaign@geeetech.com ASAP? She will send the prize to you. Thanks:) We get some mails to ask about […]