Basic introduction of the Arduino Leonardo

  Hey wait, wait my friends. Come in, just a few minutes. Why not have a cup of coffee and read this passage for a while. Today I want to introduce you a kind of Arduino board — the Arduino Leonardo. Don’t think too much, it is absolutely irrelevant to Leonardo […]

The difference between ABS and PLA

Ok everybody, I know we are the entire 3D printing lover and enthusiastic about printing all kinds of fantastic products. Today, I would like to tell you guys the difference between the ABS and PLA, both the materials of 3D printing. PLA is a new kind of biodegradable material; it […]

The 3D Printed Robotic Gripper

Digital Mechanics AB of Sweden combines its design and engineering experience with rapid prototyping technology to tackle challenging projects. Often the work demands more than a prototype. Recently, an injection molding customer asked Digital Mechanics to redesign a robotic gripper. After evaluating the project, the company turned to 3D printing […]