Creating a 3D Art Your Own Using Geeetech TG21 Printing Pen

In this project, I’m going to give you a brief introduction to 3D printing pens, the application of it and the best use of it.

For a beginner, 3D printing pen is something like a handheld magic wand. With filaments of various colors, it allows you to bring every possibility into reality. Breaking through the limitation of flat surface or 2D drawing, 3D printing pens allow you to make your creation out of papers. In that case, you can apply it to create any form or shape you want to draw in the air.

How Does It Work?

Like almost every FDM 3D printer, a 3D printing pen is also equipped with a heating head and requires filaments as its main material to any 3D printing creation. By heating the filament up, the material will just be melted and can be extruded from the pen’s nozzle. As the melted filament comes out from the head of the pen, it will cooler down quickly and hardens and hold whatever shape you have worked it into.

Two Ideas for Your 3D Printing Art

Make 2D Sketches and Assemble Them to DIY Your Creation!

Unique 2D Sketches Making

The simplest and easiest way to apply this 3D printing pen should be using it to make 2D sketches out of filaments. First, you can download and print some 2D models you want on paper. And then use your 3D pen to draw the outline of the paints according to their contours. Once you’ve done the process, you can just take the 2D sketch out of the paper.

DIY Assembling of 2D Sketches (“Welding” Process)

The 2D sketches, as the most basic piece that a 3D printing pen can produce, are quite perfect for any DIY assembling creation. For instance, if you’re going to build a gadget of a complex structure, such as buildings, bridges and so on, you have to learn how to draw pieces of component and then try to assemble them. With this process, you can surely enjoy the most joyful fun of the pen. Make sure that the piece will have enough strength to hold together.

Here are some tips to joining 3D printed pieces together:

※ By planning upfront, you have to preset and arrange how the printed pieces will be assembled and how they will go together, while making sure that your 3D pen can be physically fit into the tight corners and spaces.

※ To use existing parts as stencil or template to get the size right of mating pieces you are creating.

※ Control the speed while you are applying to extrude the filament, do not extrude too much filament for welding the pieces. Too much filament might cause the finished piece to melt again and lose their shapes.

A Handheld Tool to Create Your 3D Novelties

Have you ever conceived any scenario of using a pen to draw something in 3-dimensional shape? Well, since the first publish of 3D printing pen, this seemingly fairy-tale-like gadget has come out of nowhere and the market of this area boosted most recent years. The ability to make freehand drawings in space is probably the most interesting feature of the 3D printing pen, and yet it is also the most difficult part of using it. In doing so, you have to practice a lot before you can make a nicer-shape of finished product out of it.

For a start, you have to select a solid anchor point on the paper or a specific template, and then make a large dot of extruded filament on the platform for a foundation and lift the pen in the air while extruding the filament out of the nozzle at a slow speed. Using the pen in accordance to your drawing tempo.

Finished Products Display

Exquisite bench and desk
Tree & Ferris Wheel
Eiffel Tower
Elephant Pen Case

As beginners accessing to the first use of 3D printing pen, we have created bunch of gadgets as the pictures shown above. The process requires us only some simple steps and it was quite easy to assemble, weld and build the finished products.

With smoothly ergonomic touching experience, our Geeetech TG-21 printing pen brings you a far more fluent and smooth operation, while never bothering and impeding your time for any DIY ideas. Why not get one start your wonderful journey to this wonderland full of creativity.

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