Watch These Bionic 3D -Printed Coral Lamps

It’s one thing to create attractive and functional light fixture, and quite another thing to make a stunning light using algorithms that copy coral growth patterns.

The 3d-printed Sargasso lamp

Industrial designer John Mauriello,based in San Francisco,broke the conventional thinking and put the effort into his Coral Lamp Lighting Collection with something else entirely.

These lamp prototypes took their inspiration from different types of corals coming with varying aesthetics. Mauriello selected only three prototypes from hundreds of them to produce: the Timor, the Sargasso, and the Celebes.

Three members of Mauriello’s Coral Lighting Collection.
The 3d-printed Timor lamp

Before 3D printing these Coral Lamps , Mauriello firstly developed the computational algorithms that mimic coral growth patterns,which show the “growth” of the lamps as they come into being. And, more remarkable,all three lamps were 3D printed in the USA, using processes which recycle waste material in an attempt to reduce waste and curb carbon emissions.

The 3D animation is shown for reference only and not really a frame-by-frame recreation in the process of 3D printing the lamps. Instead, Mauriello wanted to make a video to simulate what corals look like underwater.

The Coral Lamp Lighting Collection is Mauriello’s way of paying tribute to the ocean’s beauty.As an senior surfer,Mauriello’ve experienced the beauty and power of the great ocean,in which coral is one of many magical living structures with all sorts of shape, scale and color.Mauriello’s lighting celebrates this thriving life created by an entire coral ecosystem.

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