The Great Ideas of the 3D Printing Products丨Start Boosting your 3D Printing Business

As the surging bloom of the 3D industries flow into the global market, there comes various opportunities for the side industries by the 3D printing products. The 3D printing technology, as it gains momentum in recent years, bodes well for the entrepreneurship. To that end, let’s talk about some derived industries from 3D printing, which, more or less, might deliver you some enlightening ideas. Let’s just dive in.

▲ The Prototype Board Industry

In the earlier years of the surge of the 3D technology, the prototype board industry was blessed and was the one who took the first bite of the fruition. We know that every single product we use in our daily apply should be produced by design, prototype making and then precise adjustment.

Before the popularization of the 3D technology, the first prototype was initially made by hand. Then came the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, or CNC engraving machines, which replaced the manual production. Nowadays, upon the 3D technology’s popularity, 3D printers gradually steals the thunder of CNC and takes the lead.

#CNC Machine

With the promising capability of the fast modeling and more complex building, the 3D printers surely prevail when they pit against with CNC machines.

For the prototype board industry, the main client source should be those industrial design companies, modelling companies and large light industrial factories, such as toy factories and electrical factories.

▲ 3D Printed Portrait Figure Service

What advancing technology brings to us is not only the convenience of our life, but in a further probe, also the most inner touch of our spirit and soul. Some industries like 3D printed portrait figure service gains its popularity, applying for personalisation, studios, travel classics and even funerals.

Some studios are now offering wedding 3D portrait services for married couples, recording the sweet scenes of the couple in 3D form.

Meantime, the funeral service industry, with a human-centred approach, offers 3D printing services for the deceased. They print the mutilated parts of the deceased to leave them with a final dignity, and meanwhile, they offer the portrait figure printing service. In an even more innovative move, there is a funeral service company which has created a 3D-printed urn to simulate the deceased’s appearance in an utmost degree of imitation. In this technology, 3D printing can capture the slightest detail of a person’s facial characteristics as well as remove their “flawed” parts somehow caused by accident, in pursuing the most perfect side of their beloved ones.

#The 3D Printing Model of a Wedding Couple

▲ 3D Modeling Business

If you can use your owned printers to run a business. The modeling career could be your best choice specializing yourself in 3D printing business. You can cooperate with various modeling making companies and produce the model for them. Model printing bears a wide range of selection, including architectural sand table models, aviation models, car models, toy models, graduation design models, sculpture models, etc.
A modeling company, with its 3D printing technology, possesses a rather promising prospect. With a specialized printer, it can turn every impossibility into possibility nowadays.

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▲ The Ever-lasting Market: Footwear Industry

Footwear industry, an eternal industry permeating the whole history of mankind, bears a broadest market ever. Meanwhile the footwear industry will always come with the model of its producing process. According to an authorized footwear 3D printing institution, with the promising emerge of the its 3D printing career, it will keep its surging status in the near future.

#The 3D Printing Model of shoes

▲ Small-scale Production

A small-scale 3D printing service should be the commonest and easiest career for ones who would love to gain benefit from their machines. Some certain services are recommended: lantern ornaments, outermost shell of small appliance, creative mobile phone shell, trophies and many other arts and crafts, etc,. Why not start your business right now and earn yourself the extra coins.

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