Aliexpress/ Ebay/Official Site 11.11 Big Sale Has Up To 74% Off With Further Reductions For Two Days Only

Double Eleven (11.11) is the biggest sales event in the world of online shopping.Are you ready?Looking to maximise your savings this 11.11 Singles Day? Here’s a list of Geeetech products for 11.11 on Aliexpress with amazing campaigns full of special deals including 74% Off discount, $2.00 coupon with no other required conditions and so forth.You can also save $8 on every $150!This shocking promotion comes only once a year and you simply can’t miss out!

Our 11.11 Sale Is Here! Are You Ready For It? 

Promotion for 3D printers,up to 35% off with $2.00 coupon,starting from $176. The max discount is as high as $100! Don't miss this sale!

Promotion for important 3D parts and other Geeetech products,up to 75% off with $2.00 coupon,starting from $1.01.

PLA filaments enjoy multiple discounts:

  • Buy 2 get 10% off;
  • Buy 3 get 15% off;
  • Buy 5 get 20% off.

Up to 25% off with $2.00 coupon,starting from $1.99.

Further Reductions:

  • $60 off over US $499;
  • $37 off over US $166;
  • $10 off over US $270;
  • $8 off over every US $150.

They can be combined with other discounts.

Activity time: US time 11/11/2020-12/11/2020

Shop address:


Ebay 11.11 Big Sale
  • A30T Current Price:$469 ($100 off)
  • A20T Current Price:$369 ($79 off)
  • A10M Current Price:$229 ($30 off)

Lowest price on every 3d printer. And filament $/€11.11 limited auction began!So search “geeetech” on ebay now~

Activity time: 11/11/2020-12/11/2020 (various country times)

Shop address:

Now we Geeetech official website is doing Double Eleven promotions,up to 25% off.There is a 20% discount on most of the A-series.You can buy the mainboard,filament, and hotend at a great discount here.Please refer to our official website for details.

Geeetech official website sales event

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