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Plastic Not Sticking To the Bed

  • When the first layer is not staying flat on the print bed, check whether the bed is level. An unlevel bed would cause the object to warp and/or cracks in the higher layers of the object. Leveling can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort(If you hate this you can always choose an optional upgrade to auto-leveling).
plastic not sticking
  • After you have leveled the build platform,do not forget to make sure the nozzle is at the optimal starting distance from the bed. If the problem persists after you have leveled the bed, try moving the nozzle closer to the bed for better adhesion. (note: if the nozzle is too close to the bed, it may not extrude. Follow the guide/tutorial provided by your vendor). Check out the video below on how to manual level the platform on Geeetech A30T:.
bed leveling on geeetech A30T
  • If you start out printing at a high speed, chances are the plastic will detach from the bed. This is because the first layer is denied the time required to cool down and lay onto the platform. Go to the settings and reduce the speed of the first layer by 50% to see if it helps.
  • Use a heated bed and set the bed temperature slightly below the melting point of the material. Picture this: you are 3D printing a 100mm wide ABS object; the extruder prints at a temperature of 230 degrees, but the platform is cold.The plastic cools quickly as it is being extruded out of the nozzle. If the ABS print is cooled to room temperature of 30 degrees, it will shrink by 1.5mm!
  • Make sure the bed is clean and not polluted with dirt or oil. Apply some glue on it to promote adhesion. Go easy on the glue: a thing layer spread evenly on the bed will do the trick. What is worth mentioning is that different printers use different types of print beds, the most common ones being aluminum,glass,and etc. But not a single type of them works best with every type of filament. Heat-treated silicon boride,for example,works great with ABS,but not with other consumables.
  • When printing tiny objects or objects with a relatively small base, it helps to create a brim or craft in your slicer software. This is to increase the contact surface area between the bed and the object for better adhesion.
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