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How to max out your 3D printer’s lifespan

Just like any other equipment, 3D printers also require good care and regular maintenance to produce top-notch results. Compared to traditional printers, 3D printers are easier to operate and maintain. This article will discuss how to perform routine maintenance on your 3D printer.

geeetech A20M 3D printer

Prior to your print: make sure to form and follow a routing of checks: whether the nozzle is blocked or broken,or the traps are loose;whether the motor bearing and linear rails are in want of oil, whether the platform is calibrated, clean,and etc. Ensure that a clogged nozzle is fixed;any broken or aging components are replaced in time,lubricating oil are added regularly; and that loosened nuts are tightened.

During Printing: parameter settings should not exceed the recommended range for your printer,otherwise desired objects would not be printed, and problems such as too high a nozzle/bed temperature or excessive load would damage the machine. Shut down the system when a problem has been detected, and only resume printing after the problem has been fixed. When removing the print, do not use brute force or any object that could damage the print bed.

Finally, after printing, repeat step one: remove any sign of dirt on the nozzle, print platform, guide rail, motor, fan and other parts of the 3D printer so that it does not accumulate over time.Keep your machine and filaments in a dust-free,dry environment. Also, make sure the spools are not tangled.

Bonus tip: Only use filament provided by your 3D printer vendor whenever you can to achieve the best possible results.The reason is that printers and filaments from different manufacturers differ to various degrees in their performance and features.For example, filaments you buy from Geeetech are pre-tested on Geeetech’s 3D printers,as a result, they work best with these machines. Using third-party materials won’t void the warranty on your 3D printer,though.

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