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Triple Eight Team Is Using 3D Printing! Why?

An Australian car racing team Triple Eight Race Engineering is famous with the name Red Bull Holden Racing Team. Therefore, the team competes in the Virgin Australian Supercar Championships. They race in Australia’s premier motorsports category. Will Triple Eight Race engineering get help from 3D printing?

The team formed in the United kingdom in 1996 racing in Vauxhall Motor’s program in the British Touring Championship. Before they started racing in Australian V8 Supercars.

Triple Eight Race car
Triple Eight Racing car on the road.

The team is champion racing for years. The team holds the title of winning a total of 8 times Supercar Championship and Bathurst 1000 seven times.

Hence, the team also manufactures cars, its parts and provider’s services to other teams. They manufacture cars for their own use. So, they are using 3D printing technology for their race cars. Hence, they are trying to customize the parts of their race cars using 3D printing. Triple Eight Race Engineering using MJF 3D printing technology to make changes in the cars.

Partnership in designing Triple Eight Race Car Steering

In this mission, HP and EVOK3D joined their hands to fulfill the desire of customizing parts of the race cars. Currie Group is also part of the project. The partnership equity agreement in October 2019. Therefore, EVOK3D is a 3D printing service provider in Australia.

Team Eight Race Car steering wheel made using 3D printing
Racecar steering wheel designed by 3D printing as per driver anatomy

To design the steering wheel of the race cars HP used Multi Jet Fusion technology with 3D printing. Hence, using this technology with 3D printing designers were able to easily customize while according to the compatibility of the driver. So by doing this optimized its weight, production time reduced and also the cost.

The challenge took back in 2017 when EVOK3D & HP met the Triple Eight Race Engineering with there MJF samples for the first time. “We were blown away with the part quality and strength, compared to what we were used to.”

“We realized we needed to have access to this technology to improve a whole host of components,” said Triple Eight Race Engineering Manager Mark Dutton

Triple Eight Team Service
Triple Eight Race team providing the service.

Designing a Triple Eight Race Car using 3D Printing

There are 3 main important parts of the racing car. First of all 2 part mold to form the soft polyurethane exterior wraps around and cushions the steering wheel, lightweight cores form the extent of the steering wheel rim and the housing for the mounting of switchgear and lights to the hub.

The parts are chosen by Triple Eight Race Engineering for 3D printing. They wanted the parts to be lighter and customizable to the driver. Finally, the designs are more comfortable and also to improve the vehicle’s ergonomics. The steering wheel designed according to the driver’s anatomy and compatibility, enabling increased control of the vehicle with the actual steering inputs, and enhanced properly. Advantage of using 3D printing speeds up the production and less time of the wheel parts.

So, what do you think MJF 3D printing helping the Triple Eight Race Engineering to design their race cars in the way they want.

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Credits: HP, 3Dprintingindustry

Image credits: flickr, wikiwand

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