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New Arrival Geeetech A30M – Upgraded

The brand new A30M 3D printer is an upgraded version of the Geeetech A30 3D printer hits the market with some additional features what are they & how it works?. Aren’t you guys excited to know more about new arrival Geeetech A30M?

Now let’s discuss some of the important stuff related to the A30M printer mainly its functions, upgraded features, and mostly how it’s different from the Geeetech A30 printer aren’t you guys excited.

Functions of the A30M Printer

The functions are the most important when it comes to electronics, machines or other functional kinds of stuff. Therefore, functions are those which make life more comfortable for humans. People can clearly be justified what they are searching for based on these functions.

New A30M printer
New A30M 3D Printer as arrived at the Geeetech.

Coming to point the main functions or characteristics of the New Arrival Geeetech A30M printer let’s discuss one by one before going to it first let us explore the structure of the 3D printer.

Structure & Assembly of the A30M Printer

The architecture is the outlook of the Printer same as the body for humans. That represents how strong, elegant and versatile it is. The printer structure is the outer most part of the printer. The structure of the A30M printer is a package of surprise for all the 3D printer lovers.

The structure is Black in color with an elegant and more sophisticated outlook that reminds us of the Geeetech A20M Printer. With a build volume of 320*320*420mm that helps us to print larger 3D objects more effectively with impressive rugged frame and gantry structure.

Structure of A30M
Elegance structure of A30M Printer coated with Black color.

The structure with the adscititious tempered glass plate that enables smooth print with a well-balanced flat surface other than aluminum, which provides better adhesion and the coating of the glass looks classy, user-friendly and easy to clean the surface without any extra baggage.

The A30M with Open Source GTM32 control board and the print can be observed from the various directions through 360° view. Hence, the Bowden extrusion helps the printer head to move quickly and stably also helps to load the filament easily. With all this the printer as an excellent build platform that helps to print more effectively and enriches the life of the printer.

Here we go to scrutinize the functions of the Geeetech A30M 3D printer. Firstly let us discuss the main functions of the printer later we will go with its other functions.

Mix color printer
Mix color A30M printer were you can print a 3D model of your desired color.

1. Mix color Printer

Software by Geeetech to mix the colors
Color mix software from Geeetech

The newly arrived A30M printer with auto-leveling mix color printer where you can mix N-number of different filaments of various colors but mixing the same filament is recommended for more accurate and easy printing. There is no harm in using different filaments together it is only to avoid clogging in the extruder or to avoid the slow printing process.

2. Power Resuming Capability

Aren’t you happy with this function it won’t let you get disappointed when there is no power? The resuming capability helps to print the incomplete 3D model from where it was stopped printing after the power cutoff. Isn’t is amazing you don’t have to worry about the electricity before you start printing or about the print to start from the initial stage when there is no electricity.

3. Large Print Range

Large volume
Large Printer Volume helps to print larger objects.

The printer has an extensive volume of 320*320*420mm that enables you to print larger-size 3D models more effectively and with a super impressive finish.

4. Password Protection & Smartto 32-bit processor

The password protection provides secure access only when the password is entered and Smartto 32-bit processor provides the best experience of the overall printer.

5. High Printing Accuracy

Provides accurate printing
Accuracy is very important in any of the printers to get a well-finished product.

The printer provides excellent printing accuracy of 0.1mm so you will get smooth, high resolution and high adhesion print. Clean and fine sharp edges without any devastation of the print, there will be a solid structure with smooth and fine angles.

6. 360° Ventilation 

360 degree complete view
Complete view from all the sides of the 3D printer.

The 360° ventilation of the A30M printer helps in the dissipation of heat. So inturns help in the better quality of the printer. Due to this excess heat will be mixed with the air and provides the exact heat required for the print.

7. Noise Terminator

Noise terminatore
No noise with A30M Printer

The printer with TMC2208 driver prevents the noise pollution and the noise produced is below 40db that’s quite less there will be no harm for the humans with this, provides the best printing experience.

8. Break-Resuming Capability

BRC A30M printer
Break Resuming capability can start and stop the print whenever you want to.

The Break-Resuming Capability helps us to resume the 3D printing process. Therefore if we have some work or going somewhere in a hurry there will be no problem or worry regarding the print or during a power outage.  You can use this amazing option to start printing the print from the place where you stopped or left before resuming the print.

9. Dual Z-axis

Dual Z-axis of A30M printer
The dual Z-axis of A30M provides stable & accurate printing experience.

The print has dual Z-axis on both sides of the frame to provide a more stable and accurate printing experience. It also has a dual Z-axis optical switch.

10. Auto-Leveling  

Auto leveling of A30M printer
Self auto-leveling capacity.

The Auto-Leveling is an optional add on to the printer that is the main board of the A30M is professionally coded. So that it can save the leveling time and enhance the printing experience by auto-leveling process using the 3D leveling sensor( 3D touch or NPN) with your A30M. Therefore, the whole effort was taken by the professional to save time and enhance the printing experience. So providing the best adhesion of the first layer.

11. Full-Color Touch Screen

Full color touch screen
Multi-purpose full-color touch screen.

The Full-Color Touch Screen helps you to full control the overall printing process by you. Hence, which has a fully responsive UI screen with the orderly flow of the operations by which you can easily modify or change the relevant printing parameter of the printer.

12. TF Card Stand-Alone Printing

Can print alone when you insert a TF card to the printer.

By just adding a TF card to the printer, the printer can alone print the selected 3D models and settings. Therefore relevant 3D printing parameters without any worry enjoy the fabulous and fantastic 3D printing. These are the functions of the new arrival Geeetech A30M.

Important Upgraded Of The A30M

Upgrades of the printer
Upgrades of the A30M printer.

The 3 main important upgrades related to A30M provided in a short with a brief explanation. Hence, the Dual Z-axis Photoelectric Limit Switch helps to offer more stable and accurate 3D printing by exact positioning of the bed.

This is all about the new arrival geeetech A30M. Isn’t it a good printer to print the amazing stuff. So check it out at our Geeetech Store.

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