Geeetech 3D Maker Salon episode 2
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Maker Salon 3D episode 2 – Jens West

Here is 2nd episode 3D Maker Salon by “Jens West”, who is working with 3D printers from a long period, going to share his experience on Dec 27th at 8 a.m he will be LIVE.

I hope you all enjoyed the 1st episode of 3D Maker Salon by “Andreas Braun” who is well-experienced in 3D printing and worked with them for a quite long period. And also known as Co-owner at Geeetech. So I hope it was great listening to him through his journey in the 3D Printing World, skills, tricks and turns with his experience. If you have missed to watch it then here is the link just click on it and enjoy him speaking. Live streaming link of 1st episode: Click to watch

Geeetech 3D Maker Salon episode 2
Learn more about 3D printer filaments in 2nd episode of 3D Maker Salon.

Here comes 2nd episode of 3D Maker Salon with a new speaker “Jens West”. I already mentioned he is being worked for a long period with 3D printers. He is going to share a lot about the 3D printer filaments and his experience with them isn’t it interesting. Then what are you waiting to mark the date and time on your calendar, complete all your works before he is LIVE? Enjoy listening to him and try them out, let us know was it worth watching.

Live Stream: 8:00 pm-9:00 pm Dec 27 -EU Time
Live link:

Merry Christmas to all and here comes a big surprise from Geeetech for Merry Christmas & New Year. Aren’t you guys excited to know what is your surprise gift. Then let me tell you, come close so that no one should hear it and grab the special gift from you.

There will be a Lucky Draw from the audience who is watching the whole event. The lucky audience will get a New Year Special gifts then what are you waiting to mark the date and time of the Live streaming event on your calendar. Hence, complete all your works before it starts and win exciting gifts.

You can also be a speaker if you’re interested to share your experience, skills or innovations related to 3D printing. Therefore, it is a platform for 3D hobbyists and to encourage them. There is also a surprise gift for the Speaker than there is only one step. That can get you a gift, you just need to fill the form.

?Be the speaker, get one A10T
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Now let me thanks the audience for making this event a grand success and help us to provide the knowledge related to 3D printing. In the same way without any hurdle in the upcoming episodes of 3D Maker Salon- Geeetech.

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