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You won’t believe these 3D Printers cost just below $500!

A common misconception boggling the minds of people who want to start with 3D Printing is – 3D Printers are too expensive, just because the original 3D Printed object comes out of the machine and the object is tangible also the industry is quite new and still some people just know the brim of 3D Printing. We are going to clear out this misconception here itself. 3D Printers are available for everyone right from beginners to the ones having a handful of knowledge about it and are in the industry for a long time. You can read about different misconceptions about 3D printing here.

Know these 3D printers just below $ 500, we have listed them accordingly to the best reviews from Amazon.

Acrylic Geeetech Prusa I3 pro

Newbies get ready coz this printer gonna teach you a lot. After being ordered the printer comes with a great packaging without damaging the stuff and the wooden fragmented pieces are easy to assemble.Approximately it takes 5-7 hours to assemble and if you read the instructions clearly you won’t land up into messing it up.

It’s not like a put it together and it works kind of kit, you really need to fiddle with it and show patience if you want great results. The Best way to get the most out of Geeetech Prusa is to watch the youtube videos and read the manual given along with it. If you are starting with printing out the objects then do keep in mind and study well about the slicer settings also the bed gets heated and so fans for cooling the bed is a must have in your kit.

Only things you will need to buy extra after purchasing this item to get like prints is PTFE grease (for z-axis threaded rods), Filament, part cooling fan(s), and tweezers. Now all of these are optional but will aid in getting those high-quality prints much faster.

Buy this on Amazon.com at just $313.99

Geeetech E180 Mini Printer

Viewing from the education perspective, this printer focusses on clearing the class book concepts with practical solutions. An elegant and simple design with a lot to offer. Wifi connectivity makes the printing more simple and easier.

Printing via EasyPrint 3D App is quite easier where you don’t have to manipulate the settings much and also a free access to Cloud gallery. You can print large objects by printing them in chunks and then joining them.The touchscreen user interface allows you to change the relevant parameters in real time also the break resuming capability is great helping you to continue the product from where it had stopped. The tiny machine can create giant objects with best finish and smoothness.

Buy Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer only at $298.00.

Delta Rostock mini G2S pro

This printer is an improved version with more accuracy and speed enabling you to print a single object of two different colors or two objects with a different color on the same print bed.Follow the step by step procedure for assembling the printer just as given in the Geeetech Rostock mini G2 & G2s pro Quick Starter Manual.zip then continue to read the Delta Rostock mini G2& G2s building instruction.zip thus you are now all set to print on the Delta Rostock mini and get the best out of it. The only thing to remember while 3D Printing is patience and reaching out to people those who can help you solve all your difficulties.

Get this printer on Geeetech official website at just $269.

Geeetech High-Quality MeCreator

Precise in printing due to the upgraded hardware and optimized firmware, this printer allows you to efficiently print your designs.The half-open box type design gives protection to the printer and giving you easy access to observe whats getting printed out there.Its compact and comes with an upgraded extruder whose feeding part is V shaped ensuring constant and stable feeding.The best part about MeCreator is it supports various software tools and slicer tools giving you a better experience.

Get this printer on Geeetch Official Site at $385.00

So you need not wait to buy a 3D Printer now as you know it does not cost much and is amazingly helpful. The Geeetech team is always there to help out. You can share the problems you face with the printed on our Fb Group and we will make sure you get them solved.

Credits: youtube.com, i.ytimg.com, amazon.com.

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