Did you know that 3D Printing could save lives? Find out how!

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Applications of 3D printing in the Medical industry is quite of a revolution as to how can a printed object be placed into one’s body and totally work fine? Developing the small intricacies of the organs to be replaced by 3D printing is the best part as it goes into the delicate details.Saving and improving lives where there are impossibilities is the new focus of 3D printing industry.

These are some of the stories inspired by 3D printing. Just take a look and know how 3D Printing can change your life when you have lost all the hopes:

Saving a New Born:

Kaiba a newborn who had this rare disease of tracheobronchomalacia, a condition that caused his airways to close and caused his face to turn blue, was surviving on a ventilator temporarily but his condition started worsening. The children normally having this disease do recover till 2 or 3 years of age but in Kaiba’s case, this was doubtful. A small piece of plastic became his life savior, he is the first person to get his life saved due to 3d printing.

Green and Scott Hollister, a biomedical engineer, had been working on medical applications of 3-D printing for several years, but never on a human patient.Hollister took a CT scan of Kaiba’s chest and, using computer design software, created a splint that would perfectly attach to his trachea.Within minutes of implanting the splint, Kaiba began breathing. Within three weeks, he was completely off a ventilator.

Possibly Open Heart Surgery:

For 3 1/2 years, Mia Gonzalez parents thought that she just had Asthma as she had a breathing problem and could often get fever and pneumonia until it was discovered that she had a hole in the aorta and has to undergo an open heart surgery.

Dr. Redmond Burke, director of pediatric cardiovascular surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, meditated on the 3d printed model of Mia’s heart for a couple of weeks, studying the prototypes gives the doctor insights of how can they possibly proceed with the surgery.

He came to a conclusion of making a right incision in her chest that would be less painful and easily recovered rather than a left long incision. The team has made up 25 models for studying the process some of which have been operated.

Easy treatment of CANCER:

Len Chandler a  builder who had survived from prostate cancer and two knee replacements and had injured one of his eyes in a workplace experiment was diagnosed with a rare cartilage cancer in the right foot. The doctors said that amputation is the only way out and he was already prepared for it. After a few months, 3D printing came as a savior for him.

The scientists from CSIRO first made a computer design of the feet and then made a 3D model with titanium.It was hard as to match the exact size and gaps of Len’s foot but it came out as successful. He was able to walk and amputation of the feet could be avoided.

The video below shows a Chinese Cancer patient who survived due to 3D Printed spine:


Give life to Prosthetics:

Prosthetic parts are the most revolutionizing part of the 3D printer industry. John Nhial (changed name) was a teenager when he was caught by the Sudanese army and forced into it. He got injured and lost his limbs in a landmine attack while he was morning patrolling.

His fellow mates brought him back to the base camp where there was no proper treatment for 25 days leading to tetanus being developed in his whole left body.Finally, he was put on a flight to Kenyan border and handed over to the red cross team.He now has a 3D printed lower limb which allows him to play basketball in a wheelchair and enjoy along the new base camp.


These are just a few examples of how 3D printing can save your life. There are much more and the doctors and scientist are still learning new techniques to imply and make the surgeries easy.Imagine the power of 3D printing that it has on each and every field. Even though many people are unaware of it, there will be a time when 3D printing will be the most crucial part of the industry. 3D printing and additive manufacturing are changing the lives of the generation. So don’t you think you should also know about the future trends and stay updated.It’s really easy…

Get a 3D printer for yourself and start off with it, I bet you will enjoy and learn a lot.Get the best 3D printers at a cheap rate here.

Happy Printing…

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