These 3D printed models are perfect for every Star Wars fan!

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The long-awaited “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”  has released and if you’re a 3D printing enthusiast then you’re probably going to spend hours on the internet finding the best Darth Vader and lightsaber models to print. Luckily we did the job for you!

Many of these designs need to be assembled together so you can also check out our Hacks to bond your 3D printed parts together for some easy tips.

After searching through loads of different designs here is a selection of our favorite and TOP 10 Star Wars Models that you need to start printing ASAP.

Darth Vader Figurine

There are, no doubt, plenty of Darth Vader 3D print designs available on the internet but something about this minimalistic model by FLOWALISTIK won our hearts. Maybe its the slightly worn-off brushed look! It takes this design to another level.

You can find it on Pinshape here

Holocron Lamp

How about a Sith Holocron lamp? This is a 3D printable model even has hidden Sith markings that become visible, when the Holocron is lit from the inside. All you need is to insert a tealight battery and sit back. Mind=Blown

Made by MKotsamanes, this design is available on Thingiverse. Find it here

Storm Trooper Tree Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner and to be honest, these little stormtrooper angels are the perfect ornaments to adorn your tree with! Experiment with different colored filaments and sizes. The Darth Vader will be impressed for sure!

Made by BonGarcon you can download this print here


This design may look a little complicated to build but its really very easy once you have all the parts printed. Simply follow all the instructions and you’ll have your own R2D2 robot in no time. Thank God for 3D printing! You can find the design for this model here

Han Solo Blaster

Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster pistol is available for download so that you can make your very own! Read the instructions carefully as there are different parts to be printed and assembled! Designed by Alan Stanford you can find it here

Captain Phasma Helmet

One of the coolest phasma helmets you’ll find on the internet, the detailing of this design is on point! The sizing of this helmet should fit most heads but you can scale it further if you wish to. Made by Geoffro find it on Thingiverse here

Polygonal Yoda

Love wise-guy Yoda? Who doesn’t? Print out your very own model with a different polygon twist just as seen above! This geometric Yoda is so minimalistic yet wonderful to look at! Download the print here and get printing. As wise Yoda says “Do or Do Not. There is no Try.”

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

It’s Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and it’s 3D printed! This Star Wars model consists of eight individual parts. The creator advises to remove any excess support material left over from the print and to bond the pieces together with hot glue. Find this print by infinati on Thingiverse here

Millenium Falcon

Your collection of Star Wars printables will be incomplete without this famous spaceship and you know. It may take a bit longer than you’d expect to print out this design because of the heavy detailing but we promise its well worth it! Available on Thingiverse, this print is created by aaskedall and you can find it here

Stormtrooper Keychain

You can print this for fun or even gift it to a fellow Star Wars fan for Christmas. This print is small and simple and you can pause your machine twice during the print to change from white to back then back to white. Download this print made by muzz64 here

So if you own a 3d printer, Happy Printing and may the FORCE be with you! And if you don’t then you should take a look at some of our Best 3D printers to make all your Star Wars dreams a reality!