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Here’s how you can sell your 3D Printed designs online!

Are you really good at 3D printing things? Have some cool designs and ideas that you can’t wait to print out? You’ll be happy to know that your passion for 3D printing could make you some extra money online!

Thanks to 3D printing, people can create things right from their homes. And websites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay are the perfect platforms to sell these 3D printed artworks. They serve as the perfect e-commerce websites without you having to worry about marketing or branding your product! Whats even better?- It’s FREE!

Though listing your handcrafted designs is common on all three of these websites, the demographics and interests of users differ. Want to know more? Read on!

 Selling on Etsy

You’ve definitely heard of Etsy which is one of the best places to sell handcrafted items, and 3D printed items are no exception. If art and accessories are your niche then there are an incredible amount of things you could 3D print and sell on here.

On a fundamental level, artistic and high utility 3D printed items seem to sell well on Etsy. You’ll find a lot of 3D printed clothing and accessories along with jewelry while browsing Etsy. These categories have a large market and along with them, furniture and art are also good markets to target. 3D printed items like Etsy are lamps, iPhone cases, jewelry etc are some of the more famous items on Etsy.

It would not be difficult to carve out a 3D printed brand within Etsy, especially as the technology is still in its primal stages and Etsy is still growing as a marketplace.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon has its own Creative Expressions store dedicated to 3D Printing. Apart from finding a 3D printer, you can customize your own 3D printed mini-me, toys and much more.

There are also a wide variety of 3D designed items to choose from and purchase. From jewelry to mini toys and swords, cufflinks, and wallets, there’s a lot to draw in customers every day. Each of these items has its own personalization window that lets you customize shape, color, patterns, text and/or material. You also get a 360-degree view of the item being made.

If you enjoy creating objects with 3D printing like toys or even a work of art, then you should consider listing it for sale on Amazon.  There is less competition for 3D printed items on Amazon as compared to eBay and Etsy and is an expanding global marketplace. And the best part about listing your work on Amazon is that if your item sells well they will market it on Amazon for you. Your product will show up in, “Users also viewed” and “Users also purchased” lists and it generates an influx of new users and sales.

Selling on eBay

Are you into 3D printing parts for hard-to-find machinery and equipment? Then eBay would be a great platform for you. If you have personally designed the part, then it means you are the only seller of this specific part shape in the world. Basic supply and demand mean you’ll have the advantage when it comes to price, especially if your custom part becomes popular.  The satisfaction of having an original idea and bringing it to life is far greater than copying someone else’s design.

There are many parts for specific models of existing items that you could 3D print and potentially improve. For example, instead of paying a fortune to find a replaceable part you could simply find a 3D printed piece for your RC car, boat or plane. There are 3D printed mounts and electronic accessories that do well such as ones for the GoPro or the iPhone. 3D printed cosplay clothing is another growing marketplace and even custom cookie cutters have their own unique markets.

On eBay, you can sell your items as either a Buy It Now prices or as an Auction to gauge what the best selling price is for your item. The idea is to first list your creations on eBay as an auction and then use the results from that to price your products on Etsy or Amazon.

Many of the 3D printed items on eBay are actually just physically 3D printed free Thingiverse models listed for sale. Since not everyone owns a 3D printer there are many who will gladly pay for the convenience of buying a part made from someone else’s printer, even if the file is available for free.

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