Here are 5 Useful Things You Can Make Right Now With Your 3D Printer!

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Amidst all the cool artwork and industrial designs, all we really want to do is 3D print some cool objects to use in our daily life. Especially if you’re a hobbyist or beginner. So take a look at some legitimate useful things that you can make with your 3D printer!

1. Earphone Holder

You may put your earphones in your pocket as gently as you can manage but eventually, they will end up in a tangled mess(just like always) Luckily this cool earphone case is here to make life much much easier and you can find them on Thingiverse!

You can use either clear PET filament for the first couple of layers since it works better as a hinge material and works as a window, but ABS will work too. They take around 30 minutes to print.

Find it here

2. Wall Outlet Shelf

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Not everyone has super long charging cables or wall outlets conveniently placed next to us. That’s where this wall outlet shelf comes handy. Leave your phone to charge or prop it up to watch videos! The possibilities are endless. Its angled design holds the phone or tablet in an upright viewing position!

What’s even better? This shelf can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Download from here

3. One-Handed Page Holder

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How many times were you left frustrated while trying to keep a book open with just one hand? Well, here is something that will make your life a little easier. You can hold your book wide open with your thumb!

A simple but ingenious lifehack for those who like to read good old fashioned books. This one-hand page holder is very easy to print and it fits aptly in the hand.

And if you’ve got a bigger thumb you can simply scale the model up slightly in your slicer!

Get it here

4. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Yes, it’s just a simple toothpaste squeezer, but it saves you money by ensuring you get the most of your tube. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea!

You can print it in 3 parts. The cap can be securely pressed or glued onto the shaft. Printing it as a solid object is most advisable. It’s presumably wide enough to accommodate all toothpaste tubes yet fits comfortably in the hand.The latest has a lock feature to prevent the tube from unrolling. All you need to do is press the shaft inward to engage the lock and pull out to disengage.

Download from here

5. iPhone Dock & Amplifier

This exclusive design for the iPhone is pretty nifty. It acts as a passive amplifier horn to amplify your phone’s speaker without power. Not too shabby. You are likely to find other designs to fit other phones. Based on a Western Electric exponential horn, it is 7.5″  in length and press fits into the base of the iPhone. This quirky accessory is sure to make heads turn!

Find it here

Credits- Thingiverse,