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Introducing XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control radio

XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control radio

The XZN-6 remote-control radio is a great entry level 6-channel telemetry 2.4ghz computer transmitter that uses solid and reliable Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) spread spectrum technology. The XZN-6 has both a nice quality look and feel, while the programming is simple to use. The XZN-6 also has so many impressive list of features that it is suitable for both model Heli and Airplane, the Turnigy XZN-6 is a superb budget computer radio for both new pilots and experienced pilots alike!

XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control radio

XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control radio

Basic parameters:

1.Application: Helicopter, airplane, car and boat.

2.TX power: less than or equal to 70Mw.

3.TX frequency: 2.400GHz—2.483GHz

4.Ground control range: more than 500m

5.Power requirement of transmitters: DC+6V (4AAA battery)

6.Power requirement of receiver:DC+6

7.Trim: digital trim

8.Modulation: Latest FHSS technology

9.Code: PCM 1024


11.Color: white

 Quick Start Guide of XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control transmitters and receiver 

1.Turn off the power of transmitters and receiver.

2.Connect a black plug of frequency-line to a receiver’s BIND port .

3.Connect the signal line of BEC to the third channel of receiver. And power on BEC from battery.

4.Pay attention to receiver’s LED, there will be a green light flashing continuously.

5.Sets the throttle of the transmitters at minimum speed..and turn on the transmitters.

6.The frequency adjustment of receiver is finished, when its green LED light stops flashing.

7.Remove the bind plug from receiver. can connect aileron servo,elevator servo,direction servo to receiver according to your operation instruction of aircraft model.

9.Finally, you need ensure that your transmitter can totally control binding receiver, and check whether every channels is normal or not.

10.If this test failed, please repeat the whole procedures and try again.

 XZN-6 2.4GHz remote-control radio



1.If you were an inexperienced pilot, please ask for a flight instructor to check you aircraft model. R/C model is not a toy; it may lead to severe accident and damage caused by maloperation.

2.Playing a aeroplane model at flight place, please comply with local regulations to test your 2.4GHz remote-controller.

3.Make sure your wireless system has enough operation range. You can walk away from model, and inspect if the control of model is normal in every channel at the same time. The model will not loss control even if you walk away 30 to 50 steps.

4.Make sure the battery has enough power. Please change transmitter’s battery when you hear low-power alarm and see red power light flashing.

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