Introducing Gradient Color PLA Filament

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Product information:
One of the recurring issues in 3D printing is how to colorize the objects produced to the best. Prior to the introduction of colored filaments, a monochromatic creation could have color applied only after completion. Since then a variety of color printing processes have been developed.
gradient color PLA filament
The process of gradient color printing has introduced an entirely new and challenging set of requirements to the process of 3D printing and is garnering a great deal of interest in the 3D printing community. Specific extruders and hotends that support two mono-color filaments rised in response to desire of gradient color. However, most of time you need to learn how to set up for the printer to achieve the desired effect, which is quite complicated especially to our DIYers.
Now, with the advent of this gradient color filament, you can print multi-color object with one single extruder and it is that easy as to print one mono-color filament. This gradient color filament is integrated with nearly 15 colors, red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green and brown…, which generates more exciting printing effects.

As this gradient color filament is a iteration of the regular PLA, so, they share the same printing parameters, just use them as the regular PLA. This filament can be used in any printer creating much broader access.

gradient color PLA filament gradient color PLA filament
Net weight: 1kg
Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Picture preview of the printing effect:

Gradient Color PLA Filemant