Special Trailer

Special offers


Sorry to keep you wait so long, we should have been posted the trailer of  this week discounted products, due to some emergency to delay ,as well as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday,  so we add today. In the future work, we will try to do our best.

1.10 pcs 3D J-Head hotend/E3D extruder Nozzle Drill Cleaner -(2015-6-23)-Tuesday

10 pcs 3D J-Head hotendE3D extruder Nozzle Drill Cleaner

2.Wood filament for 3D printers-(2015-6-24)-Wednesday

Wood filament for 3D printers

3.Assembled JIETAI GT9S Extruder  -(2015-6-25)-Thursday

Assembled JIETAI GT9S Extruder

4.3D Printer ABS Filament 3mm 1kg/roll Yellow -(2015-6-26)-Friday

roll Yellow

5.Acrylic Geeetech I3 pro 3D printer DIY kit-(2015-6-27)-Saturday

Acrylic Geeetech I3 pro 3D printer DIY kit

That‘s all this week.if you have any  suggest about us or our products,please don’t hesitate to contact us.