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Special notice next week

Here comes  Friday,  have you missed a good opportunity? It's okay,Let's see what surprises next week,maybe there is something you like. This time  remember  to bookmarked the one you like and don't let it go.Now, I will present you the  offers 1.APM2.52 Flight Controller Board-(2015-5-30)-Saturday 2.Yun Shield-(2015-5-31)-sunday 3.Acrylic Geeetech I3 pro 3D printer DIY kit -(2015-6-1)-monday 4.315Mhz RF 4 Channels Wireless Relay Remote Control Module-(2015-6-2)-Tuesday 5.Arduino Mega2560-(2015-6-3)-Wednesday 6.Assembled JIETAI GT9S Extruder-(2015-6-4)-Thursday 7.Wood filament for 3D printers-(2015-6-5)-Friday So far, all the items will be on sale have been published.If you have any good advice, remember to keep in touch with us.I wish you have...
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3D printed custom Harley Davidson with stunning detailes

Maurizio Casella is an Egypt-based artist with a passion for advertisement, diving and 3D modelling who was unsatisfied with the quality of many 3D prints he saw online.  Recently he unveiled his new masterpiece, we can call it that. as you can see , a custom-designed Harley Davidson motorcycle. Putting his money where his mouth is, he accepted the challenge of creating high-quality, yet perfectly 3D printable models of all those classic cars you found on posters and showrooms throughout the world. And as you can see in Maurizio’s web shop at 3DaGoGo.com, he has designed some of those most amazing miniatures for...

How to connect a Raspberry Pi to a Wi-Fi network

Today we will introduce how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a Wi-Fi network.I hope for your help.     So you want to connect a Raspberry Pi to the internet, but your computer lacks an ethernet connection, or you lack an ethernet cable. What to do? What you need:   Raspberry Pi microSD card HDMI cable USB power adapter (that can provide at least 600mA at 5V), include a micro USB cable USB Wi-Fi adapter USB keyboard mouse monitor Step 1: Set up your Raspberry Pi Follow the instructions in your Raspberry Pi "Quick Start Guide and Safety Instruction Manual" to...
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introducing Delta Rostock mini G2 & G2s

  This Rostock mini G2s is a companion piece of our new upgraded delta 3D printer -Rostock mini G2. G2s is designed to support dual extruder. With G2s you can print a single two-color object, or you can print two objects in one print job, each made from a different color. You can also print one single-color object, as with other single-extruder 3D printers. Or you can use one extruder for infill or support. The 2 extruder motor pushes filament through 2 head separately, so mixing colors printing is not applicable for the moment. This G2s is powered by our...
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Promotional trailer next week

Since many of  friends are like our products,  but do not know the situation of product discounts, in order to make you with less money to buy their favorite products, we decided to notice next week discounted products every Friday.Remember  to bookmarked the one you like.Now, I will present you the  offers, check them and don’t miss out.  1.sunday(Voice Recognition Module)-2015.5.24 2.Moneday(Acrylic Geeetech I3 pro B 3D Printer kit )-2015.5.25 3.Tuesday(USBee Suite and Pro versions Logic Analyzer )-2015.5.26 4.Wednesday(XBee 1mW Wire Antenna multipoint-Series 1)-2015.5.27 5.Thursday(CRIUS LEA-GPS & MAG performance GPS Module for APM )-2015.5.28 So far, all the items will be on...

One year with 3D Printer

When it comes to 3 d printers, what will you think of?Glass, decoration, clothes, these articles for daily use?Or action figures, cartoon characters?Or a car, a house?In fact, the 3 d printer is just a tool, he will be different in different hands.A love life, creative people help him to become quite different.Today let's take a look at Peter lehner make his 3 d printer?
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Bocusini – World’s first plug & play 3D Food Printing System

if you think 3Dprinting has nothing to do with your life, because you have no idea about this elcotronics things,you are almost wrong, take a look at this 3d pritner, it is not a usual 3d printer, it can print food, let's say desert or ice cream that is as cute and exquisite as what you eat in a high-class restaurant, and now, with this food printer, you can make delicated desert at home.  Bocusini is an easy-to-use open source food printing system for gastronomy, patisserie and home applications. It consists of a heated food printing head mounted to a standard...

Raspberry Pi moving timelapse

Today, we do a very fun project which is to apply  raspberry pi  to life.         This is how to use a raspberry pi along with it's camera to create beautiful moving timelapse videos (called hyperlapse vidoes) things you need: A raspberry Pi. The instructions are for a Raspberry Pi B+ but you can adapt for other models (the pin layout may be different) A raspberry Pi Camera module A stepper motor. Very in expensive and usually comes with controller. I used RioRand Stepper Motor 5V DC 4-Phase 5-Wire with ULN2003 Driver Board Pulley wheel for the...