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Birthday wishes to dear you

Hello everybody, weekend is coming, a big big weekend to us, is it? Ok, today, we held a special party for our dear fellows who serves Geeetech with wholeheartedly, and on their birthday, on behalf of all staff of Geeetech, I would like to extend my best wishes to you: Lemon, Carl and Linda. During these almost 3 months in Geeetech, you have proved to me what responsibility is, what commitment is, what dedication is, I am grateful to have you guys be my colleague, and you all set a good example to us; thank you for all you’ve dedicated to the  prosperity of our company.

To lemon, you are  so kind to everyone,  and i love your passion the your work, i learnt a lot from you. thanks for your company when i first come to Geeetech, loneless and helpless overwhelmed me, but with you and other lovely girls, i get accustomed to my work soon, and now, i am doing quite well. thanks. and happy birthday to you.



To Linda,  lovely little girl, happy birthday!  As i said, i have learned a lot from you, the smiles on your face  warmed everyone here, keep smiling,girl.




  Carl,it is your turn! Happy birthday to this humorous and hansome guy. 




Let’s enjoy the party.


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