After months hard work, in the begining of this new year, our new website is finally online today,  brand new look, new functions, new layout, brings new shopping experience. let's take a glamps of our new shop. 1. First, as you can see, we changed our logo and our slogan.   2. Next, it is the banner area, apart from the main banner, we add 5 smaller banners to present more valuable information you may need to know , and make sure you never miss any news.   3. And here is our newly added section --- flash steals, as you...
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The Final Holiday Deals of the Year

6 days left till Christmas, our final holiday deals are coming, enjoy the final shopping frenzy of the year, Christmas gift is never too late to get, for today’s deals, we have the reprap I3 3D printer, the 3D printer extruders like MK8 and our GT1 and GT7, the 3D printer control board like Rumba and Printrboard, and if you are keen to flight control, we have prepared for you the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF with Crazyradio and also we have the new GPRS SIM 900 board… OK, let’s check it out now. 1,Unassembled-Full kit for Prusa Mendel I3(iteration...

Assembly manual of Hexypider— the Hexapod

In my last post, i have introduced the Hexypider for you and some are asking for the assembly manual, ok, let's check together. we will take one leg firsto assemble , let's have a look at the parts needed.  1, the main body of the robot is two pieces of acrylic plate. Part 1: acrylic sheet on the bottom x 1 Part 2: acrylic sheet on the top x 1   2,The hardware needed to assemble the Hexapod Part3: brass straight pin M3 40mm x 5 Part4: sink head screw M5 10mm x 6 Part5: round head screw M3 12mm x 6...
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hexypider-the hexapod robot

A hexapod robot is a mechanical vehicle that walks on six legs. It is great for students 15+ and up exploring advanced robotics and kinematics and DIY enthusiasts looking for an open-source platform. This is a mechanical articulated kit to make a hexapod robot. it contains the main body and six legs, and other fitting parts. All parts are made of high –quality, laser-cut acrylic plate, simple but strong enough to payload 18x 9g servos, and controller board and battery. Typically, individual legs range from two to six DOF (degrees of freedom). Each leg of this hexapod robot has 2...

I2C /16 X 2/ LCD Module with Arduino Uno

 Yesterday, one of our customers bought a I2C /16 X 2/ LCD  module and find it cannot connect to an Arduino Uno board, which is not to be surprised. You should do some further programming, I got a tutorial from YouTube, hope it works.   Materials List 1x Arduino UNO 1x LCD 16x2 if you cant whatch this, check theoriginal site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IXqK_oaFxs. For the sample code, show notes, contact information and many more videos, visit the show page athttp://tech-zen.tv/letsmakeit.      

Christmas sale starts now!

Christmas sale can’t wait any more, it is coming now! Come to Geeetech and grab your Xmas deals. The following items are our way of spreading Christmas spirit During the Christmas season, 1. New registered customer can get a $5 coupon for Geeetech official store.  2. Save with Geeetech coupons and sales. Except the up to 50% off your entire purchase, you can also use your coupon that is still valid, which saves you a bundle.  3. The more you spend, the more you get. Every customer, new or old can get a up to $25 vouchers for orders from...
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Tentative list for First Round of Xmas Specials

7 days left for the big Xmas sale, and the tentative list of first round specials are released today, check the list and see if your idea items are here. Again, don’t forget to invite your friends to vote for you. OK, here is the list. 1,Acrylic  Prusa Mendel I3 2,Rumba- the latest 3D printer controll board 3,RAMPS 1.4  4,Iduino MEGA2560 R3 5, Melzi V2.0 6,Sanguinololu Rev 1.3a 7, DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver 8, Sanguinololu kit 9,Rumba kit   10, Metal  Long-distance j-head V2.0 with cable & cooling fan   11, Metal long-distance J-head with cooling fan & Cartridge heater   12, Metal short-distance J-head with...
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Acrylic I3 upgraded with MK 8 extruder

Hi, there, last month, we released an improved version of Prusa I3 of Acrylic frame which wins lots of popularities. This week, we did another change – replace the GT1 extruder with MK8, which is fully assembled and saves you more time and energy. What’s more, the MK 8 extruder has outstanding quality and the best performance for DIY and professional systems, with 42BYGHW818 stepper motor, you will find it easy to solve the problems of uneven extrusion, regularly plugging and material reloading. Let’s take a look at the brand new combine. this is the formmer one with GT1 extruder....