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  • black&white case for cubieboard 1/2
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black&white case for cubieboard 1/2


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This case is another type of protective covering for cubieboard 1/2. Compared with the transparent one, this one is of more elegant corlor:


white & white and silver,a quick glance of such a small and exquisite box will catch your eyes. Your cubieboard deserves it.
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  • Sirajudeen Kather | 10/01/2017

    when will i receive this order? i need it to be delivered this week. is it possible?

    • Zina Luo | 10/06/2017

      Hi Kather ,sorry for the delay here as we are off work for a whole week for the National Holidays .Will ship asap .Do appreciate for your patience and understanding here. Sincerely Zina